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Sample Kit of Illuminated LED Signs and Neon Signs

Sample Kit of Illuminated LED Signs and Neon Signs

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Buy this sample kit with the suitcase to make it more easy to get signage projects.

This sample set contains our basic and hot selling illuminated signage styles, making it easy for end customers to choose their preferred style.

What's Included?

LED Letter Lights

  • Rimless Style Frontlit Channel Letter ("A")
  • Side Lit with Metal Face Style Acrylic Channel Letter ("B")
  • Front & Back Lit Channel Letter ("C")
  • Rimless Style Frontlit Channal Letter - 20mm Acrylic ("D")
  • Luxury Style Backlit Channel Letter - 10mm Acrylic ("S")
  • Frontlit Style Acrylic Mini Letter ("I")
  • Normal Style Frontlit Channel Letter ("G")
  • Normal Style Backlit Channel Letter ("N")

Neon Lights

  • LED Flex Neon Color Charts (20 styles)
  • 360 Degree Faux Neon Light ("NEON")
  • Acrylic Faux Neon Light ("Light")


  • A Portable Suitcase
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  • Multiple Styles

    Covering the main styles currently on the market. And different styles have individual switches for easy light on/off comparisons.

  • Accelerated Talk

    A reliable quality and variety of samples considerably speeds up the communication process of the project.

  • Easy to Carry

    All the letters are mounted in a suitcase, which is easy to take with you to exhibits or for display when visiting clients.

Good for

Signage Company

help businesses attract & brands engage

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Design Studio

combine design and actural production

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Printing Company

extend 2d to 3d, dark to light